my newest addiction

I think I’m addicted. During the day, it’s on my mind. When I come home, it’s the first thing I check. I spend large chunks of time on it.

I’m talking about virtual scrabble on Facebook. That’s right. Scrabble. I started playing about two weeks ago, and I was playing with one friend in Michigan. We each made one move a day. I scored a “bingo” when I used all of my letters on “alienate.” What a joy that was. Now I have eight games going with friends in Royal Oak, Mich.; Phoenix; Chicago; New York; and in D.C.

Last Friday night (I can’t believe I’m admitting this), my roommate and I laid on each of our couches and played a game on our laptops instead of on the conventional Scrabble board that is on our shelf in plain view. (Please note in my last blog posting I said nothing about it being virtual; I was still in denial.)

On Facebook, where it’s called Scrabulous (copyright issues?) not only does it tally the score for you, but you can play around with the letters to get higher scores. While less personal, it’s more lenient. It rejects words that aren’t words, instead of having to look every questionable one up (i.e. ‘is quen a word?’ no, no it’s not). You can also instant message the person you’re playing, which is the forum for much shit-talking. In fact, B. in Phoenix wrote me today after I was trying to describe how you get 50 points for using all of your letters (I had written ‘mediocre’ ) and he wrote: “i know the rules skanky skankerton.”

One of the best things about Scrabulous? Every time I log in, it greets me in a different language. I most recently learned “Jambo,” pronounced “Yam-bo.” It’s a shortened Swahili word that translated literally means “You don’t have an issue?”

I do have an issue with Scrabulous and how it’s taking over my life. But I like it.


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  1. You can play Scrabulous at Scrabulous’s own web site, too, and they’ve recently updated so that it’s exactly the same as the version on Facebook, in case you have friends who also loooooove Scrabulous but feel like 36 might be too old to be on Facebook.
    I’m just sayin’.

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