laugh aloud

I had a laugh aloud moment today.

My friend A., who is an attorney in New York, wants me to meet her friend B. from Indiana law school. I met A. in June at a wedding shower, and we clicked. A. writes fiction, went on a vacation by herself to Spain, she’s down-to-earth cool — and she likes to set her friends up. After I said I’d meet him (as long as there is no pressure), A. sent an e-mail to both me and B. with subject line, “Friends!” B. and I agreed we’d meet for a drink (or several) tomorrow.

We’ve exchanged a few e-mails. In one of them, he drew an electronic picture of Michigan, like a glove of course, with an “x” where his hometown Cadillac is. It looked like a three-year-old drawing. In another, he said he was happy to make up stories about A. if we couldn’t think of any wild stories that are true. And today, when we confirmed for tomorrow although I told him I was feeling under the weather, he wrote this: “I’ve attached a recent picture of me so that you will know exactly who to look for (for whom to look? Whatever) tomorrow. Thank you. Also, do you mind if I squirt you with that hand sanitizer stuff? As a precaution.”

The hand sanitizer comment I found amusing, but when I read that he attached a picture, I was thinking “Oh no. How nerdy.” I expected to see a head shot of him with a toothy smile. But instead, the picture is of him lying down on a boat covered in snow with a brown hat on and a brown puffy coat that is pulled up over his nose. The coat takes up almost half of the picture, and all you can see are his eyes.

The picture is the opposite of nerdy, it’s hilarious. And, what’s more, it’s his eyes that are smiling.


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