favorite words

After much concerted thought, I have picked my three favorite words. They all have a similar sound to them, I clearly think the letter “k” is funny.

  • Boink
  • Bonkers
  • Pronking

I discovered the word pronking one night a few weeks ago when my roommate was picking up her laptop and banging it against her leg or couch or whatever else she could find to make it work. I told her she was like a lion struggling with a gazelle. But after a bit of research, I found out that lions don’t eat primarily gazelles, but rather wildebeest and zebra because they’re slower.

That led me to a description on Wikipedia of a springbok, a small brown and white gazelle native to South Africa, and how they go into repeated high leaps and nobody quite knows why. It’s called pronking. Pronking sounds like when I’m happy and I skip down the street. I get a running start and soar off of one foot and when I land, I spring off of the other.


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  1. Have you heard a certain former coworker of ours who is now a playwright/actress/comedian do her standup routine? She has a whole bit on how she can’t bring herself to say the word, “fuck,” but she has been told that the letter “k” is funny. She throws out a bunch of other test words for the audience to see if they agree that those words are funny. In one of her shows, she then proceeded to mouth “fuck” but not say it, to see if just the implication of the word was also funny.
    It was.

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